23andMe: On My Christmas Wishlist.

Post Published on December 9, 2010.
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I’d like to get a 23andMe genetic report. This service utilizes a saliva sample to analyze DNA makeup and offers insight into one’s personal health makeup and ancestry. The first is extremely useful, the second interesting.

Under personal health the report provides three main areas of insight. First, one learns about the inheritable diseases for which one carries genetic markers. Secondly, one learns about the genetic markers that may increase your risk for certain other diseases – like diabetes. Finally, one learns about unique mutations in ones DNA that may eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs. Using this information one can seek better informed health treatment for oneself and one’s children.

On the ancestry side – using DNA analysis 23andMe is able to provide significant insights into our history and relations. 23andMe can point out living relatives we may not be aware of and give insight into our ethnic origins – including migratory patterns throughout time.

Something like this seems like science fiction – but it is very real and actually affordable – at least right now. They are charging a holiday sale of only $99 with a $5/mo. reoccurring fee for updates – a heavy reduction off the $499 regular price!

Further, 23andMe isn’t just providing information for individuals to use but is offering individuals the opportunity to contribute the data on their genetic makeup for further research while may result in revolutionary health advances for many…Something I’d certainly opt into.

All that to say – I’d love to get my hands on a 23andMe kit…and I promise not to freak out when I find out all the health nightmares that may be facing me down the road.

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