A Little TMI – Five Days on Shakeology.

Post Published on November 13, 2013.
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Warning: This post may contain a little TMI (too much information) for some readers. It regards the effects of Shakeology on one of my health conditions. I decided to share it b/c I think it may be useful to others who may have the same issue. It really isn’t anything that bad, but if you walk around saying “TMI” to others on a frequent basis, you should probably skip this post.

You’ve Been Warned

Well over a year ago – maybe even two years ago – I began to experience a new health issue. One side of this health issue was that at night I always felt like I needed to urinate (very annoying) if I drank even the least bit of water. The other side was hesitancy when attempting to urinate (that is, I’d feel like I’d need to go, and would have to go – but it could take 30-60 seconds before I could start going…which to an ADD’er feels like FOREVER). I saw my family doctor and also a urologist – but neither came up with anything. No enlarged prostrate, nada. So, I’ve been living with it – uncomfortably.

Within a day or two of starting Shakeology I realized my issues with hesitancy had decreased by around 90%. I still have the issue with feeling the need to urinate at night (still annoying) but the hesitancy has almost disappeared.

It is possible that this is coincidental – but seeing that this issue has been continuous for well over a year now, that seems unlikely. So, I’m not sure what was wrong or what is right now – but something seems to have changed my ability to urinate…and I haven’t changed anything else that I am aware of – my diet has not changed otherwise and I haven’t changed the amount or intensity of exercise I partake in….nor am I under less stress than in the past, in fact this is probably one of (or the) highest stress stages in my life to date.

I still plan on trying IdealShape and Garden of Life’s shakes as well – but if this is something unique to Shakeology it is a huge bonus to their account…and if it sustains itself over the upcoming weeks and disappears when I try another shake – I’ll be coming back to Shakeology.

That is all.

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