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Post Published on July 5, 2008.
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I didn’t have AAA for years, but one Christmas my mom gave me a subscription, now I wouldn’t leave home without it. AAA at its most basic offers roadside assistance when your vehicle breaks down – not just your vehicle but any vehicle you might be driving. AAA will send out a tow truck, someone with a few gallons of gas, or a locksmith to unlock your doors if you left your keys in the car (again!).

I know some people feel like its a waste of money – but for $60-$100 a year? A single tow truck pull will cost you that much! I’ve used AAA on several occasions in the three or four years I’ve now been a member. There was the time I hit a pothole and flattened my tire – AAA towed me to my mechanic. There was the time my wife left her keys in the car and we called AAA and they unlocked the vehicle quickly and efficiently. These and other occasions make it so worthwhile. Instead of googling for a mechanic we simply call AAA and they take care of the entire process for us.

There are lots of additional benefits to being a AAA member as well. Want to eat out? Go to a hotel? Take a vacation? AAA offers significant discounts on a variety of products and services. Perhaps you are planning a vacation. They can help you decide the best route or rent a vehicle. They offer auto insurance with lower rates and send out a regular magazine with articles about safety and vacations.

Being part of AAA is sort of similar to being in a family. You know that they exist to care for you. I highly recommend them.

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