Answers in Genesis?

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  1. Alastair says:

    hey hey. somehow i stumbled upon your site and saw your posting on Answers in Genesis. I thought you may appreciate what Reasons to Believe also contributes to the investigating of Young Earth and Old Earth and other versions of creationism. maybe this book would be of interest too. (you will notice people are quite fired up over it, and on different sides of the issue…) I do think some basic points of ancient Hebrew’s vocabulary and word meanings can make a HUGE difference in how people understand the Bible today. the 21st century English reading of scripture certainly needs to take into account the language the Bible was first written in, and what it’s words meant. (case being, a literal understanding of the Hebrew word YOM has multiple possibilities, but often Young Earth Creationists like to pick just a 24 hour day take, when it can mean a portion of a day, 12hrs, 24hrs, or a finite period of time. anyway, i hope you get a chance to hear some of Reasons to Believe’s take, i think its a respectable one, with much investment to support it Biblically and scientifically. You can also find some debates online with Hugh Ross (reasons to believe) and Ken Ham (answers in genesis) online that are helpful.

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