Avast – Powerful and Effective Antivirus.

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  1. Roberto says:

    I discovered Avast for Home Users about 4 years ago; as far as myself it is the best; have not had any virus problems since.

  2. goldcoaster says:

    I did use avast a while back but since vista I have used anti-vir.
    Microsoft now have their own antivirus that is completely free maybe worth a try?


  3. Cauvin says:

    Avast SO powerful it will suck your computers resources!

  4. admin says:

    @goldcoaster – I’m trying the new Microsoft antivirus application on a desktop and it has worked fine thus far. However, I’d note that recent tests show that it lacks significantly in its ability to capture unknown viruses using heuristics. This is a major concern, since traditional signature based virus detection is now only a small part of modern antimalware prevention.

  5. Andrew Vogel says:

    My favorites are Avira and the Microsoft offering at the moment.

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