Movie Review: Battle in Seattle.

Post Published on September 2, 2009.
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Cover of "Battle in Seattle"
Cover of Battle in Seattle

I remember seeing the trailer for Battle in Seattle and saying to Charity (my wife), “Wow, that looks really good.” But it never came to theaters – in spite of an all-star cast and a compelling and fascinating storyline. When Netflix offered it on Watch Now Charity and I were all over it and loved it – definitely one to go on our favorite film lists.

Battle in Seattle dramatizes the protests that occurred during the World Trade Organization‘s 1999 meeting in Seattle. At this protest tens of thousands turned out from many diverse groups and while many were peaceful some where quite destructive. A fierce battle was waged between protesters and law enforcement as the latter attempted to maintain control of the city and ensure the continuance of the WTO’s meetings.

Here’s my top four reasons to see Battle in Seattle:

  • Charlize Theron (Academy Award Winner, Monster, Cider House Rules, North Country), Woody Harrelson (Wag the Dog, The Thin Red Line, No Country for Old Men), and Ray Liotta (Emmy Award Winner, Hannibal, NARC).
  • A beautiful tension is held in which the disparate characters are generally portrayed with realism and depth. The opposing sides, the innocents, are not all portrayed as one-dimensional characters – but characters with depth – humanity.
  • A fascinating portrayal of a historic event that will drive you to learn more about the WTO and related issues.
  • A moving portrayal that will spur compassion for those who are suffering and starving.

The movie is rated R and has violence, language, and some extremely brief documentary footage involving non-sexual nudity.

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