Better Child Safety Outlet Protectors?

Post Published on October 9, 2010.
Last Updated on November 29, 2017 by davemackey.

Charity likes to keep all the outlets in our home packed with safety outlet protectors for when the babies come to visit. I like child outlet protectors and understand that they are a necessity but also find them to be a bit of a nuisance. Want to vacuum? Pull out the outlet protector, put it somewhere (where?) and remember to put it back in again.

Recently a ‘revelation’ came to me – about how to make outlet protectors simpler and more intuitive. I imagine there must be someone out there already doing this – but if there isn’t, why don’t you go at it?

Essentially, why don’t we make a small plastic ring that sticks around the outlet and has a little connector to the plug. When you pull the plug out it stays right there since it is connected to the ring around the outlet. No finding someplace to put it, to misplacing of the plug, and so on!

The biggest dilemma I see in this idea is you’d need a pretty strong adhesive to hold the ring to the outlet cover when you have people tugging on the plug. This could be solved by making outlet protectors that have protective plugs built in! Ahh…now, that seems like a real solution…

Okay, maybe I’m just thinking this is a better idea than it is…but here it is…and I don’t have the time or motivation to see it through…so perhaps you want to? Or perhaps you know of a product that already does this?

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