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Post Published on July 8, 2009.
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For those who are Christians or who are interested in understanding Christianity, there are few sites on the internet more valuable in learning and growing than the Biblical Studies Foundation ( While the resources available to understand and practice Christianity are extensive generally, the availability and freedom with which the BSF makes its resources available is practically unparalleled. I have used the BSF site for years and continue to utilize it regularly and rave about its magnificent capabilities.

Let’s take a look at a few of the BSF’s many features:

  • New English Translation (NET) – A brand new translation of the Old and New Testaments from the original manuscripts. The NET is readable and yet precise, but what really makes the translation stand apart is the 70k+/- footnotes that are throughout the text. These footnotes are not commentary on the text but rather explain the translators decisions, especially on controversial verses. They offer deep insight into the original texts and are an amazing aid to the bible student or translator.
  • Book Commentaries – Contemporary commentaries written by sincere bible students/scholars are freely available on the BSF website. While there is great value in the two thousand years of commentary we have on Scripture, these commentaries offer an additional perspective including the latest manuscript and archaeological evidence, contemporary illustrations and applications, and so on while maintaining fidelity to the Scriptures.
  • The Theology Program (TTP) – An extensive theological training program meant for churches to utilize in training lay individuals in theology. The course is in-depth, practical, and understandable. Its meant to help those who want to push on in their theological understanding but cannot afford the expense or time commitments of a college education at this juncture in their lives.

These are only a few of so many wonderful things you will find at the BSF. I insist, you must visit!

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