Book Review – Fiction: Boneman’s Daughters (Author: Ted Dekker).

Post Published on September 27, 2009.
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Ted Dekker has written some excellent books. Adam is my personal favorite with Thr3e a close second. Unfortunately, a number of his other works fall into a lower realm. Its not that they are awful – its just that when you get something so good (Adam) you come to expect the same quality in each and every book.

Cover of "BoneMan's Daughters"
Cover of BoneMan’s Daughters

I thought I had noticed a pattern in Dekker’s writing. I’d found that his series seemed to fall into the lower category (at least for me) while his individual novels seemed to stand fairly strong. I had hoped that Boneman’s Daughters, a stand-alone novel, would hold this pattern true – especially coming on the heels of Adam. Unfortunately – it doesn’t. Not that its a bad novel – James Rollins gives it accolades, so it has to be decent right?

Boneman’s Daughters is the story of a father (Ryan Evans) whose wife (Celine) and teenage daughter (Bethany) feel abandoned and independent as Ryan has spent years serving in the military away from them. Ryan has a life-changing experience that renews his desire to correct his relationships with his wife and daughter – but is he too late? Given enough time perhaps he can win them back – but there is a killer (“Boneman”) on the loose who steals daughters and breaks their bones horrifically – and he’s about to take Bethany. How will Ryan save her and if he does save her will she even want to be saved? Or is Ryan really Boneman?

A number of interesting questions with potential thrills – but the story fails to grip and hold. The spiritual aspect is at times absent (Dekker’s first “secular” book) but at other times feels heavy-handed. There aren’t the same sort of psychological insights and emotional twists that Adam offers in Boneman. If I had to rate it I’d give it a seven on a ten point scale. Its a decent read if you are bored, but not revolutionary. Read Adam instead.

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