Book Review: Devote Yourself to the Public Reading of Scripture (Jeffrey D. Arthurs)

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  1. Paul Mackey says:

    The quote you shared at the beginning of this review by Lee Eclov struck a cord with me. I enjoy listening to podcasts of sermons from different churches and have found that Eclov and Arthur’s thoughts are very true. If you get a chance, listen to the opening of a few podcasts by Redeemer church (Pastor Timothy Keller). What stands out is how well read the Scriptures are, and yet how each week seems to be a different person reading. The readers clearly have put considerable time into understanding the passage and preparing to read it aloud in such a way that it comes alive. Unlike other readings of Scripture I listen to, these well conducted (and no doubt well-prepared) readings are gripping, memorable, and thought provoking. I’m sure it takes considerable time to prepare, but I really believe that it makes a huge difference.

    Remember Pastor Bob’s readings of Scripture? Whenever he read it at Westerlo he read it as though it was alive, and I was always gripped by his reading, enough so that it has stuck in my memory all of these years.

    • davemackey says:

      Thanks Paul for the feedback and suggestions. I certainly remember Pastor Bob’s readings of Scripture – they were always a highlight of church for me! I’m going to be thinking about how we can incorporate these principles into the service…Can I count as you on a volunteer for the scripture readings on occasion? 🙂

      • Paul Mackey says:

        I would love to be involved in any way I can, and would love to help out with reading. Kiki says she’ll read too. I used to read at Westerlo and learned a lot. I appreciate your thoughts on how intimidating it can be to read with the form and charisma mentioned in the book as I found it a very challenging experience reading Scripture out loud in front a large group of people. I received a lot of feedback from people in the congregation over the months I was reading. The greatest lesson I learned was that I should read Scripture as God’s Word, and read it for “us” not for “them.” If I forgot that I was reading that I too might be instructed and reflect, than I easily became focused on what others were thinking of me, and it turned into a performance, rather than an act of worship. I also found that my preparation beforehand made a big difference on how well I was able to communicate the Scripture as the living words that it contains.

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