Cars That Drive Themselves? Google Has ‘Em.

Post Published on October 9, 2010.
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Is it April 1st? No? Good! Then this article by Samuel Axon reporting that Google has been successfully testing artificial intelligence controlled vehicles isn’t a joke! Yes!

This has been an area I’ve really desired to see development in for some time – and until this news was released while research was occurring it still seemed a distant reality. The extent of Google’s testing and success seems to indicate the day may be much more quickly approaching than we could have initially predicted.

What would be the benefits of AI controlled cars? How about:

  • A significant reduction in accidents. AI can utilize a number of sensors without fatigue, distraction, or other factors that cause humans to mess up and get into accidents. I’d guesstimate that we could eliminate 90% of accidents by moving to AI controlled vehicles.
  • A significant enhancement in fuel and time efficiency. The AI could determine (based on traffic patterns) the best routes and also could optimize speed / acceleration / etc. to optimize fuel utilization.
  • Imagine relaxing in your car! You’d find I’d suddenly become much more willing to travel. Instead of driving five hours to New York and back again I’d lounge in the car reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a nap!

This is huge news and I, for one, am exceptionally excited about it! Go Google!

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