The State of IP (Web-Based) Enabled Thermostats.

[This post was updated on 4/10/12. It now includes revised and expanded information. Please let me know if anything is missing!] I’ve been looking into IP-based thermostats, that is, thermostats which can be managed remotely via the web. I’ve collected a number of vendors below. The idea is coming into its own and a number …

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My First Two Weeks (+/-) with the Zeo.

Thinking of the Poor: I’m not a fancy person in most areas. I try to save my money and spend it on things I think are worthwhile and valuable. For example, sponsoring a Compassion child. So, what am I doing spending $200 on a glorified alarm clock – the Zeo? I’m glad you asked. Individuals …

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Freshbooks – Invoicing made (almost) painless.

[I no longer use Freshbooks, I now use Wave Accounting.] For years I’ve done side work relating to my profession (Information Technologies) – systems design / implementation / support and web design / development / hosting. For years I’ve gotten the work done, but not always the billing. I hate billing. I hate invoices. I …

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