How To Easily Save 30,000 Lives Each Year

I’ve been talking about self-driving cars for years, even posted about it on this site. I can’t wait for cars to drive themselves, for personal and selfish reasons, but there are several really good reasons for cars to drive themselves. Eliminate 35,900 Deaths Annually In 2009 according to the US Census 35,900+ individuals died in motor vehicle accidents. […]

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Singularity: The New Religion.

Introduction The Singularity may be defined in different ways depending upon whom you are talking to. In this article, I’m particularly interested in discussing the utopian vision posited by Ray Kurzweil and supported by Singularity University. In this sense, ‘the singularity’ is a point of technological innovation to be pursued that will result in a

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Managing a Small Library: A Field Survey.

Introduction This article is a work-in-progress. Essentially, I’m looking for ways to implement a small library inventory, check in/out, overdue reminder policy, and so on. My thought is to use an Android application to accomplish this…attached to an old Android phone or tablet which can be used to maintain the inventory, etc. It could have

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