jpegMini: One Simple Step to a Faster Website


If you have a website, you should be using jpegMini. It is an amazing tool that decreases the size of (JPEG) image files without decreasing the visual quality of the images.

Why Does the Size of My Image Files Matter?

When someone visits a web page in a browser (ex. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) the browser downloads all the files associated with that specific page to the local computer. The larger the files, the longer it takes for the download to complete. The web page can’t be fully loaded into the browser until the download is complete.

Most people won’t wait long for a page to load – after a few seconds most will browse to another website that offers the same information faster.

Decreasing the size of your images decreases the amount of data the browser needs to download which makes the page load faster and results in happy people (your viewers).

What Makes jpegMini So Special?

Some of the most popular options for reducing image file size are compressing, resizing, and (automatically) intelligently choosing images. Google has a great article explaining these and other methods of optimizing images.

jpegMini can be used alone or in combination with some or all of the above mentioned options and it will deliver size reduction even after all of the other options are run.

jpegMini uses complex algorithms to reduce the amount of data in the image while maintaining the same visual appearance. Essentially, the algorithms exploit the way our vision works – we don’t see perfectly and thus two similar images can appear identical to us.

Lets take a look at how this works in real life. I downloaded this image of a baby from Pixabay at 1920×1280 pixels. It is 521 KB in size. I run it through jpegMini and the file is now 226 KB – a 55%+ reduction in size! Try comparing the picture I linked to above with the jpegMini optimized file below.1This image is smaller than the original image in canvas size. If you click on the image you can see the image at its full size. Can you tell the difference? I didn’t think so!

Photo of Baby Sitting on Table Optimized by jpegMini

jpegMini is Free / Super Affordable!

You can download jpegMini for free and use it to optimize up to twenty images each day! This is more than enough for most small/medium sites.

If you want to optimize more images on a daily basis or simply express your appreciation for a great product, a license is $20.

There are several other options with jpegMini, most beyond what the average site requires – but these are also reasonably priced.

Do I Have to Be a Super Geek to Use jpegMini?

jpegMini is one of the simplest applications to use ever. Launch the application then drag and drop the file(s) you want optimized onto the application. Wait a few seconds and the files will be optimized and can be uploaded and used just like any other JPEG file on your website.


jpegMini is an awesome application that will help you reduce image size and thus reduce the load time of your website resulting in happy people. The application is easy to use and the price is right – what are you waiting for!


Visual Warnings to Self Regarding Sugar


I’ve shared before that I have a massive sweet tooth. I don’t particularly like really rich foods (e.g. chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on…ad infinitum) , but I do like candy…umm, lets make that I have an addiction to candy.

Overall, I’ve been doing well with this. I gave myself permission to cheat a little when I go grocery shopping, but primarily I eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, b/c while they still have lots of sugar, they also have other elements that are more filling. I can just continue eating many types of candy all day (slight hyperbole), but chocolate, especially mixed with peanut butter, seems to satiate me fairly quickly.

But yesterday the craving got the best of me…So I decided to find some infographics to print off and post on my wall to remind me of why I want to stay away from sugar…and I figured I’d share what I found.

Fourteen Sweet Facts About Sugar

Infographic made by OnlineSchools.
Infographic made by OnlineSchools.

SugarGram: A Handy Dandy Guide to Candy (and Other Sugary Foods)

This infographic is from
This infographic is from

Your Body on Sugar

There is a really excellent infographic over at Prevention (by TantikaTivorat) entitled “Your Body on Sugar.” I didn’t include it here, b/c unlike most infographics which are meant to be shared (note the way they include links to the creating site in the infographic), this one doesn’t have the same sort of attributions.

A Few Links to More

Here are a few other infographics which were informative but I felt either covered the same ground as the infographics already mentioned or just didn’t impress me enough with the info they provided.

Also, here is an interesting site that compiles tons of stuff regarding sugar – The Truth About Sugar.