Pondering the Future of Higher Education.

Bill Gates at the Techonomy conference discussed the future of education based on technological innovation and suggested that the prevalence of place-based education will significantly decrease within the next five years, with a shift towards online / distance learning. You can read MG Siegler’s TechCrunch post here or jump to Techonomy’s blog post for a …

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The Squirrel.

Today instead of a product or service I want to share a photo I took. I love my home. While I live in the suburbs, the wildlife is everywhere. Squirrels, ducks, rabbits, robins, and all forms of little critters wander about my property. One day recently when the temperature was exceedingly hot I looked out …

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Newsweek Magazine.

[Update: We let our Newsweek subscription expire…it went downhill and downhill fast. I’m not even sure if they still publish it…] I’m big on utilizing the internet for a lot of my research. Books are quickly outdated – even magazines, especially on technology topics, are often outdated before they hit the shelves. But, despite predictions …

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