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Skype – A Better Telephone?

With the ubiquitous presence of cell phones the need for traditional landlines seems to be drastically decreasing and many individuals and families are choosing to abandon landlines altogether for only cellular service. Still, cell phones aren’t a perfect solution. They generally are fairly expensive on a per minute conversation basis, have high roaming charges, and …

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SnapFiles – useful and free software.

For years I have been using a site called SnapFiles (formerly WebAttack) to find great software. There are a number of download repositories out there – such as C|Net’s…but this little (comparatively) site has much to offer that the massive repositories don’t. First, SnapFiles only includes applications they have downloaded and reviewed and considered …

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Image via Wikipedia [Updated July 28, 2017: is still available, but Sun Microsystem’s methods of managing the source code caused releases to take a long time. Then Sun was acquired by Oracle, and they eventually cut the project loose entirely. It now rests in the hands of the Apache Foundation – good hands … – A Office Productivity Suite. Read More »