Post Published on July 6, 2008.
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As I thought to myself, “I should really write a review tonight” I felt the blogging blues strike…I didn’t feel like it. But being the good blog author that I am (or want to be) I decided to plod ahead anyways. What could I review? Well I actually have so many products and services – though most fall into a few select categories (books, movies, websites, software, hardware, health/food/household products). I didn’t particularly feel like reviewing any of those tonight so to add some variety, I’d going to talk about cats.

Feral Cats
Feral Cats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ohh no, you are one of those cat people!” Well, traditionally I wouldn’t think of myself as a cat person. While I had two cats growing up the one drowned rather early on (a horrific story I’ll tell perhaps another time – end result being mad at my parents for not listening to me on the dangers inherent in keeping a cat in a garage with a water room) and the second was a barn cat – not the kind you grow extremely attached to. My wife (Charity) on the other hand loves cats and was convinced we should get one. Being  much more of a dog person I disagreed – but “while the man may be the head, the woman is the neck and I turn the head whichever way I please” (that is from some movie…and my wife is great! don’t get the wrong idea).

When she told me about the small kitten she had found on the side of the road – dirty and tangled in duct tape, I couldn’t hold out any longer and Hermione became our first kitten. She would be followed several months later by Barclay and then nearly a year later by Piper. Now she’s talking about getting another one – and my heart has changed. While I won’t actively pursue more cats, on the other hand I can’t say no to the little fluff balls.

Yes, cats can be a nuisance sometimes. Not long after we got Barclay I was sleeping when I awoke to something warm spraying furiously onto my arm and head. It was Barclay. For some strange reason she had determined by bed and my body was the perfect place to relieve herself. Barclay still has a tendency to leave little brown nuggets every once in a while – or to spray an aroma on some piece of carpet. Piper believes blatantly stealing toast and meats from one’s plate off the table is acceptable. Hermione likes to whine – when she wants to be held, when she wants food, when she feels like it.

But…Those moments aside, cats are wonderful animals and their benefits far outweigh their nuisances. If you give a cat attention and love they will return it ten-fold. I am sure over time I’ll talk more about my life-long afflict with both Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and co-morbid struggles with Depression. Cats (and my wife) are two of the greatest treatments I have found for these ailments (no, you should still go see a psychiatrist! yes i mean now!).

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