Deja vu Thrift Store.

Post Published on April 1, 2013.
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This past week I discovered another thrift store in my local area – Deja vu Thrift. I already frequent Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission’s thrift store in Penndel and the St. Mary’s thrift store in Langhorne, and I recently dropped in at the new Goodwill thrift store that opened up near the Oxford Valley Mall – but I was surprised to see yet another thrift store (and this not a new one) in the local area.

The store is fairly small – in comparison to SBRM or Goodwill, and a little smaller than St. Mary’s – but it still had some great items. I don’t ever shop for clothes – but, yes, there was a good amount of clothing. They also had a random assortment of household and office items including various toys and in the back corner they had the most important part – the books! I picked up some great books – and their prices on books are amazing – 4 hardcovers for $1 or 10 paperbacks for $1! I bought fifteen or twenty books and walked away having spent less than $3.

Deja vu Thrift is part of the Family Service Association of Bucks County – an organization I hear lots of good things about…and I always enjoy shopping at stores where I know I am supporting a good cause.

That said, I’d like to make a few small suggestions to the folks at FSABC/Deja vu Thrift. I think with a few minor enhancements they could really improve their sales and expand the quality of their products.

First, and most important, is adding a sign to the building. There is in the window a sign that says “Deja vu Thrift” – but I literally drove through the entire strip mall and back searching for the thrift store and couldn’t find it. I figured the sign at the road must be old and that the thrift store no longer existed. Just as I was about to pull out I saw the thrift store – but if I hadn’t been trying so hard to find it, I would have given up – and I certainly couldn’t figure out which one it was from the main road. There is plenty of room on the front of the building towards the top to install a large sign.

Secondly (and this is just nitpicking), but I’d get rid of the VHS. There is a huge section of VHS at the store. Does anybody still buy VHS? And even if a few people still do, the amount of space that is used for VHS could be better used for something else (okay, I’d like to suggest books…but that probably wouldn’t be the most profitable).

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