Book Review: Diary of an Old Soul (Author: George MacDonald)

Post Published on October 20, 2010.
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One of my favorite books is a slim little volume by George MacDonald entitled Diary of an Old Soul. George MacDonald is one of those fantastic authors who maintains timelessness across the span of time and who speaks to the human condition with unfailing contemporaneity. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, MacDonald fell a bit out of favor even with C.S. Lewis constantly pointing back to MacDonald as his inspiration. Its about time MacDonald was rediscovered.

Diary of an Old Soul consists of daily poems – only a few lines long – that George MacDonald wrote chronicling his relationship with God over an entire years time after losing two of his children in the same year to death.

You can pick this small volume up for less than $15 at almost any bookstore – and it is such a light and powerful read – I highly recommend it.

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