Dynex Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Boo.

Post Published on March 3, 2014.
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I don’t usually shop at Best Buy, but I had a $25 gift card that had been floating around with me for a year or two and I finally decided to use it on January 15th 2014. I stepped into the store and surveyed my options. Ahh, here was a Dynex Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Optical Mouse (Model: DX-WLC1401) for around the right price.

Dynex Wireless Keyboard and Mouse DX-WLC1401.
Dynex Wireless Keyboard and Mouse DX-WLC1401.

My standing desk at home is a bit cluttered with cables and all – eliminating two of them seemed like  a reasonably good use of a gift card. I took the unit home and set it up. It worked grand for the first few days, maybe two or three weeks – I don’t recall exactly…but then the v key got stuck – and it hasn’t worked correctly since.

I’ll just return it to Best Buy…except for I didn’t keep the receipt and Best Buy returns require a receipt. Bahh, humbug. For larger IT purchases I’d usually keep a receipt – but come on, keyboards/mice are so simple and should be so reliable – I figured there was no need…I was wrong.

I’ve pried the key off and checked for debris, I’ve reset the key and so on, all to no avail. So, here I am, typing away and pounding repeatedly the v key every time I need it – not a lot of fun…so soon I’ll be buying another wireless keyboard and mouse…but it won’t be a Dynex.

Besides this failure there is one feature lacking that really: A cap lock notification LED. This is pretty much standard on every keyboard I’ve ever used – but not on this one. Sure it has nice music controls at the top, and a notification LED regarding whether the unit has successfully paired and how low the battery is – but no LED for the caps lock button. The only way to tell if caps lock is on is to type – and if it is, delete and hit caps lock.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I occasionally hit the caps lock key by accident…so this becomes a real nuisance spread out over hundreds of occasions over a period of weeks/months.

So, there you have it…my not so great experience with the Dynex wireless keyboard and mouse.

One other note is that the battery light has been glaring at me for a few days now, complaining that it is running low (the keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries), and its been less than two months since I purchased and began using the unit. This isn’t a huge deal – but the lifespan for the batteries seems  a bit on the low side – especially for not having LED features like caps lock on it.

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