Eradicating Hunger?

Post Published on November 28, 2010.
Last Updated on November 29, 2017 by davemackey.

DivineCaroline has written a guest post for Mint on the prospect of eliminating hunger. In this article she notes that we (Americans) spend $12 billion on perfume and cosmetics, $36 billion on pets, $540 billion on military, and $110 billion on fast food. In contrast, to stop the hunger epidemic around the world and save 15 million children from death each year is estimated at a cost of $30 billion.

Eradicating hunger is within our grasp. Yes, yes, we may not ever be able to fully eliminate it (due to waste and war) but perhaps we could reduce it to such an extent that the number of dying is reduced into the thousands instead of the millions?

DivineCaroline points out that she isn’t arguing for socialism, just common sense. I’m going to reiterate that perspective. I’m not suggesting we should legislate the eradication of hunger, but rather that we as individuals and as churches have the ability to eliminate this problem – if we put our minds to it. I am confident that God has provided us with our abundance for just such a purpose – and not for our continued entertainment.

And yes, this business begins at home – by me tightening my belt.

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