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Post Published on October 29, 2010.
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What should I write about today? Hmmm…Maybe I’ll just hand out a list of some of my favorite places to read. Yes, this might be shooting myself in the foot b/c many of these sources are much better than I – but here ya go anyways:

  • The Art of Manliness – A general guide to being a man. My favorites are posts that encourage the acquisition of manly knowledge – e.g. a basic understanding of the arts, significant literature, etc..
  • Zeology – A blog by that nifty company that makes the Zeo – a device that tracks and analyzes your sleeping patterns.
  • Lifehacker – Short articles covering just about everything related to life – with a slight techie focus.
  • MintLife – A blog by the company behind Mint – but focuses largely on beautiful infographics that provide insight into various aspects of our economy and society.
  • Dave Burke – A nice guy who writes a pretty sweet framework called Sueetie in .NET.
  • DownloadSquad – Ummm…they cover stuff, with a bit more of a tech. focus but pretty consumer oriented.
  • Google Public Policy – Google provides opinion on areas we usually don’t like companies providing an opinion.
  • Mashable – They cover web-stuff mainly, slight techie focus, mainly consumer.
  • TechCrunch – Covers the world of web startups, sometimes a little too much of the soap opera’s, but Arrington still holds the niche.
  • cnet news – A surprisingly robust source of diverse news mainly centering around technology.
  • ZDNet Healthcare (Dana Blankenhorn) – Dana is a great resources for keeping tabs on what is happening with IT and healthcare.
  • BetaNews – Wait…BetaNews does news? And its really usually in-depth and high quality? Sweet.

Tell me – what must read sources am I missing? I have several dozen other feeds I subscribe to but these are consistently my favorites.

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