Firefox Add-Ons.

Post Published on February 20, 2013.
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I have a Firefox t-shirt from ohh, so long ago1Yes, I also have a Thunderbird t-shirt from the same time period., I’ve been using Firefox for so many years2Yet, I’m also old enough to remember before there was a Firefox, when IE dominated the landscape, and Netscape was the main alternative browser, but even it had basically died.. Today I’ve compiled a list of add-ons which I believe are useful/interesting for Firefox. I have not used all of these – those that I currently use have a ** by them and those which I have used in the past but am not currently using have a * by them.

I must admit, I’m really thinking about moving from Firefox to Google Chrome entirely. It has taken me a long time – but I’m seriously considering it. Right now the biggest thing that keeps bringing me back to Firefox is its bookmark management – it is easily and significantly superior to that included in Chrome.

It saddens me that at some point Mozilla dropped the ball with Firefox and we all watched as Chrome gained market share and Firefox seemed to be doing nothing. Mozilla seems to be rectifying this situation now – but it may be too late. The addition of a PDF reader to the browser was a slick move, but probably not enough.

Well, I’m not really here to talk about whether Firefox or Chrome is a better browser – that is another topic for another day…





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