Fitbit looks sweet, competitor for Zeo?

Post Published on September 16, 2010.
Last Updated on November 29, 2017 by davemackey.

Image representing Fitbit
Image via CrunchBase

I still haven’t gotten my hands on a Zeo1::cough:: If  wanted to send me a demo unit, I’d love to test it out. 😉 ::cough::, but I’ve been wanting one…but now I’ve learned about a new little gem of a unit that looks quite fascinating called Fitbit.

Unlike the Zeo, Fitbit is not specifically focused on sleep – rather it tracks a variety of health factors that includes sleep but also covers activity levels, calories burned, and distance traveled. Its like a Zeo+ from all appearances.

The real kicker is that the Fitbit only costs $99 compared to Zeo’s $200 price tag. Granted, I’m not too eager to drop $99 on a device either – especially when I think my iPhone/Droid should be able to provide similar tracking using applications (in fact, I’ve been using Sleep Cycle on the iPhone to track my sleep for the last five days…and love it…but more on that in a separate post).

I do think the Fitbit has a ways to go before it becomes a complete tool. For example, I’d like to see it measure my blood pressure, perhaps allow for pin pricks and some basic blood measurements…see my earlier post on this topic which I imagine will show up in Related posts below.

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