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Post Published on December 6, 2012.
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Cover of "Adam"
Cover of Adam

Ted Dekker is giving away free copies of an upcoming novel to be released on Dec. 28th, part of a four-book series. No gimmicks and no hoops to jump through – Dekker is just hoping that you’ll be so hooked by the first book you will have to buy the next three.

For those who haven’t read Dekker before, he writes books in the thriller genre, oftentimes from a Christian perspective. I find his books to be hit or miss – some are really good and some are pretty boring – and I don’t find a lot in-between.

Dekker’s novel Adam is a masterpiece – frightening in its delving into the nature of evil. Thr3e is an enjoyable thriller, but lacks much depth.

On the other hand, I found the Paradise Series somewhat miserable. Skin and Boneman’s Daughters were just-another-thriller, Obsessed I never even finished.

The Bride Collector found itself somewhere in-between – the storyline was blahh-blahh another-thriller, but the commentary on mental illness was quite powerful and moving at times.

House was a tremendous disappointment – especially since it combined the talents of two gifted authors (Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker)…

But, hey, maybe this one will be another winner – and you can’t argue with the price tag!

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