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Post Published on July 13, 2011.
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NetCE is an online continuing education provider for various professionals who are required to earn a specific number of continuing education credits per year to remain accredited with the state. They offer courses for medical professionals (e.g. nurses, physicians, dentists), counselors, psychologists, and social workers.

Each course by NetCE is available online for free. NetCE makes their money by providing credit for the courses. If an individual takes a course and proceeds through the testing they then pay a fee for the course (still nominal – e.g. $20-$50 usually) and receive credit for the course. NetCE seems like a great way to complete required CEU’s, but it is also a high quality source of information for anyone.

I’m particularly interested in counseling/psychology and I found a number of excellent courses on their site and have been reading through them. They are professional and extensively documented. No need to register or pay to read them! Here are a few of the courses I thought looked interesting:

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