Fruit Juices.

Post Published on July 27, 2008.
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Its hard to drink as much fluids as we should. I drink a lot of water – but sometimes I just can’t take the thought of drinking anything that doesn’t taste. Propel is great, as I mentioned in an earlier post…But what about fruit juices? Well they are great as well.

It might seem like common sense, but I’ll just focus in on it for a few minutes as a happy little reminder. We are supposed to eat several fruits every day. How many of us are actually doing that? Mmm…Didn’t think I’d see too many hands. One easy way to ensure we get enough fruits (though probably not with all the benefits of actual fruit, so we should still eat that as well) is by drinking fruit juice. But don’t get just any fruit juice. Not even the ones that say, “made with natural fruit juices.” You want the 100% stuff. The other stuff has so much sugar and water in it that you might as well forget it as a fruit supplement and add it as a candy bar.

Juicy Juice and Welch’s are both great sources of 100% fruit juices. Yes, they cost a tad more – but think about the additional health benefits we derive. You’ll probably spend less time at the doctor (and dentist) and more than save the extra few dollars spent to get 100% juice.

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