Game Comparison / Review: Commander: The Great War and Strategic Command World War I.

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  1. spillblood says:

    I agree, it’s pretty expensive, although the “king” in this regard is Gary Grigsby’s War in the East. Guess I’ll grab it when there’s some kind of sale. Loved Panzer Corps, and Commander TGW is made by the same team.

    • davemackey says:

      Thanks for the recommendations. I’m interested in getting my hands on Grigsby’s War in the East (though more the American Civil War, which is more my time period). I wasn’t aware Panzer Corps was made by the same team as TGW…may have to check that out as well.

  2. spillblood says:

    The graphics style in Commander TGW is similar to Panzer Corps. They were both developed by The Lordz-studio from the Netherlands, but in case of Panzer Corps a russian modder who already did his own Panzer General remake did all the mission design etc. If you know Panzer Corps 1, you’ll love it (because it recreates and expands, in some time reduces missions from the original Panzer General campaign, but with fare more units etc.). The DLCs expand it to cover almost the entire war in over 100 missions. I’d also recommend Unity of Command (set on the Eastern Front in WW2, specifically the whole Stalingrad campaign), which is even superior to Panzer Corps in regards to Beer & Pretzel wargaming (but hasn’t got as much missions).
    It’s also available on Steam and on Slitherine/Matrix, but if you buy it from their site you’ll get a Steam key as well (and the DRM free version). An expansion is set to come out in the beginning of the next year covering the advance of the Soviets towards Berlin.

  3. spillblood says:

    In regards to free stuff, you can also check out Panzer Corps’s free predecessor, a remake of Panzer General that’s more true to the original. It was done by the same guy who was in charge of Panzer Corps together with The Lordz game studio:

  4. Peter says:

    “Sure, $40 for a game ensures that fewer copies will generate a larger profit, but I’m pretty sure that if you took the games down to say $10/ea. or even $20/ea. the sales would increase exponentially – resulting in greater profitability in the long run. Think Minecraft!”

    Please….use some common sense. Minecraft sold well not because it was cheap, but because it was and continues to be a wonderful concept, you seriously can’t compare Minecraft with this game. Secondly, you never ran a software company to know if lowering the price with 50% will increase sales numbers with at least 100% (to get at least the same profits, sales aren’t just a matter of simple math.

    • spillblood says:

      I think 10 $ would be a too low price for the amount of content/ replayability/ long term value the game gives you, especially since it’s a Grand Strategy game that takes quite some time for one playthrough. For my part, I’ll wait for sales on Matrix and Slitherine to get Command TGW, because at present it’s too expensive for me (20-25 Dollar would be OK though).

  5. Peter says:

    profits, = profits),

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