Good Read: Evangelical vs. Liberal (Article)

Post Published on February 13, 2011.
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Cover of "Evangelical vs. Liberal"
Cover of Evangelical vs. Liberal

Matthew A. Sutton has written a summary/review of James K. Wellman Jr.’s book Evangelical vs. Liberal which looks at the church in the contemporaneous Pacific Northwest and compares the life of both liberal and evangelical congregations.

The book itself seems interesting, but the articles provides a good summary for the time being for those of us who are already overwhelmed with books to read. Why is this article particularly interesting?

  • The Pacific Northwest is the statistically most “unchurched” region in the U.S.
  • Wellman is more liberal in his theological outlook, but finds something fascinating in the vibrancy and growth of the evangelical community.

The article is only two pages long (even though it claims to be three). A good, ten minute read.

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