Goodbye Quizzle, Thank You CreditKarma.

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  1. Pete Johnson says:

    Criticism 2 is incorrect. Quizzle was formerly part of Quicken Loans, which shares no affiliation with Intuit, maker of Quicken software (as well as Turbo Tax and whatever else). You may want to consider removing that bullet as it does not apply.

  2. Dave,

    We’re super sorry to see you go 🙁

    If I could add a couple of notes (maybe even win you back):

    1. A credit score is just a credit score. In most cases free credit score providers use a proprietary score. That means at best it’s a guide to how you’re doing managing your credit, not necessarily the exact credit score your credit card company or lender will use to qualify you.

    2. We give you a free Experian credit report too (the only one). Not once, but every six months. That is something that a credit card company or lender will review to qualify you. Even more important–it is the only way to see what is affecting your credit score. Everyone else makes you buy that part.

    3. If you want to reduce your credit education emails–simply opt-out. You still get your free credit score AND report!

    We’d love to have you reconsider.

    • davemackey says:

      Bill: You are absolutely right. It is time for me to eat some crow – Quizzle does offer value, and I’ve just written a new post highlighting this and the error of my ways.

  3. Thanks for spreading the karma! Find us on Twitter and Facebook or the Credit Advice Center ( if you ever have any questions.

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