Hermione & George Review Greenies’ Pill Pockets.

Post Published on July 8, 2014.
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Recently I needed to give Hermione and George medications that came in capsules. I asked the nurses at the vet how I was supposed to give them a capsule (liquids are hard enough) and they looked at each other in a way that should have raised my suspicions more than it did and the answer was somewhat muttered…but they did suggest that I could buy Greenies’ Pill Pockets and that these would go around the capsules and the cats would eat the pills without issue…so I bought a small bag – I think it was around $8-$10, it had 45 treats and was chicken flavored. I only needed four, but I figured the cats could just eat the rest as treats.

A package of Greenies Pill Pockets, chicken flavored.
A package of Greenies Pill Pockets, chicken flavored.

Hermione and George did not have a high opinion of said Pill Pockets. I imagine much depends on one’s particular cats, but mine are picky – they put the treats in their mouths, then dropped them back out. I thought maybe it was the capsule that was deterring them, so I tried giving them some of the treats by themselves to “warm them up” to this being tasty food – but they weren’t interested. They didn’t care for the treats at all…

Hermione and George give these Pill Pockets a 0 out of 5 score. They are being especially harsh b/c I then had to pin them to the floor and try to force them to take the medications (they successfully resisted)…

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