Home Security for the 21st Century — Lockitron, AirBeam, and More

Post Published on July 8, 2013.
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There has been a recent string of burglaries in your neighborhood, and you’re worried that you might be the next target. You may have dismissed it in the past, but home security can provide protection and peace of mind when you’re away.

Is your house about as secure as this home?
Is your house about as secure as this home?

But you can’t really afford a security system can you? Well, thanks to the advance of technology, home security alarms aren’t what they used to be. While older systems were expensive and responsible for frequent false alarms, the new wave of alarm systems are smarter and more affordable. Because of this, experts predict that the number of homes with security systems will increase 64 percent in the next five years. You may be interested in looking into the new technology coming out this year that will contribute to this increase.


Arriving this summer, the new generation of ‘smart’ locks will allow you to lock/unlock your door from anywhere using your smartphone. Lockitron fits right over your deadbolt and can be set to give access to family and friends. Other companies including Goji and Kwikset will be introducing their smart devices about the same time the Lockitron hits the market.

The DIY Path

A professional security installation averages around $600-$800 according to Homewise.com. The good news is, you can eliminate the cost by installing a security system by yourself. DIY kits start at around $100, and with improvements in wireless technology, home installation will be easier than ever. While these systems offer affordability and convenience, www.securitycompanies.com notes that, with DIY systems, homeowners sacrifice professional monitoring and surveillance.

Wireless Systems

Unlike previous generations, the new generation of wireless systems actually are completely, well, wireless. This is a significant advancement because wires installed inside your walls can be damaged, and they can also be difficult to repair since they are hard to access. The new system will work much like a wireless router, connecting cameras and other security equipment. And according to Lifeshield.com, there will be other major developments in wireless security for the household, in the near future.


Apps that provide video surveillance and motion detection have recently hit the market. One such app is called AirBeam. With this device, you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a real-time video surveillance system. You can set your devices up to see what’s going on at all times both outside and inside the houme.

Furnace Failure Detection

Burglary isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when you are away from home. Leaking pipes or a failing furnace can cause serious problems if not caught in time. Fortunately, newer security systems like the ones coming out this year are capable of detecting furnace failure, leaks, and other household problems. This technology will allow you to catch problems early to avoid costly repairs down the road.

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