Movie Review: Homeless for the Holidays.

Post Published on November 27, 2010.
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Homeless For The Holidays
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For a number of years I’ve been a member of the Ground Force Network, an organization that utilizes grassroots endeavors to market various products and services – mainly around a faith-based subject matter. While sometimes the products I receive are less-than-optimal quality I’ve received several I’ve been quite impressed with – such as Kyle Strobel’s Metamorpha.

Ground Force Network rebranded as Team Buzz Plant and recently sent me a free preview DVD called Homeless for the Holidays. In a note they inserted into the package Team Buzz Plant wrote, “As you watch this movie, please keep in mind that this film is based on a true story. The story reflects what the film makers experienced in their own lives. This film was made on a much lower budget than originally planned and many of the actors involved even worked for free in order to make the film possible.” Well, that didn’t inspire me with much confidence. An excuse for the film before I even begin watching it? Yikes. Plus the timeline was rather tight – I was to publish a review by the 22nd – and I don’t get compensated for these reviews – other than the free DVD – so I wasn’t in a hurry….

That said, I was going home to New York for Thanksgiving and there would be plenty of time for a holiday, family-friendly movie during this visit – I figured I’d bring it, give it a try, and write a review when I returned home…and thus I am.

Put the movie in and it starts right up – its a pre-release version – so no previews or other fun stuff…just hop right into the film. Some decent CGI in a humorous style alongside with a professional narrator begin our story off right – things are looking hopeful…then the live action begins. One of my sisters groans. I’m willing to give it a chance, so is my brother Paul. We all sit quietly watching the movie. There are occasional laughs, groans, and comments.

The acting feels like something out of a TV serial comedy – and I don’t mean that in (necessarily) a bad way. Its over-exaggerated. I can’t quite figure out whether this is because the tone of the movie has been purposely set as such or whether its simply a poor production – I gave the benefit of the doubt and went with over-exaggerated.

The film’s storyline is fairly straightforward. Rich man gets humbled, learns the value of spending time with family, the value of faith in God, and the joy in helping others. There really are no surprises – though quirky characters throughout keep the laughs coming and the family moments overall are endearing.

Okay, it isn’t bad. I’m ready to give it a thumbs up for a quirky, family-friendly, positive message holiday movie – but then everything changes. I won’t ruin the ending for you – but lets just say I was crying – my brother was crying, my dad was crying. I can’t tell you about anyone else – but for us the story struck home. I kept fighting back the tears not wanting to sob at the end of a family-friendly comedy-with-a-message, but still the tears ran down my face.

Martha (one of my sister’s) replies, “Dave, you are a mush.” She still wasn’t a fan of the film. My mom wasn’t overly enthusiastic either (though she missed the ending – she has a bad habit of leaving in the middle of movies), but my younger siblings (Faith and Mary) seemed to enjoy it readily enough, though my two cousins (2 and 3) didn’t find it engaging enough to hold their attention.

I’m having a hard time putting a finger on how to recommend this movie. I can be a pretty devastating film critic. Rev. Bill Smith likes to call me a ‘film critic’ for my oftentimes harsh criticism of various faith and family friendly films which many enjoy thoroughly. One part of me wants to be critical, but in this instance the story, the passion, and the powerful ending have overwhelmed me – and I’m giving this film a thumbs up. It appears I’m not alone in this judgment, while there aren’t a ton of votes in over at the IMDb, the consensus thus far is 8.7/10 – not a bad score at all!

If you have kids – I think they will enjoy it…and the message is powerful and persuasive, the content is clean and enjoyable.

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