How Good is Dr. Amen’s BrainFitLife?

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  1. Marina says:

    Thank you so much for such a detail review, I am grateful for people who put time to write such detailed reviews, it is actually very helpful. I am going to give a try to Lumosity.Thank you.

  2. Deane Alban says:

    I am interested in checking out WellnessFX but the links aren’t working. Thought you’d want to know!

  3. magk1234 says:

    Thank for this well written detailed informative review. It is exactly what I was looking for via my Google search!

  4. Carole says:

    Thanks for the very thorough review. I was tempted to sign up for the Brain Life Fit program because it sounded better than Lumosity, but I’m glad I read your review before I handed them $100 for a year’s membership. Hopefully, you will review their site again in about a year to see if they have improved. Thanks so much.

  5. Andrew says:

    has it improved at all?

  6. Mr. P says:

    Thanks so much! You helped me to save $100. Appreciated your effort.

  7. Mike says:

    Nice review! Very comprehensive.

  8. Amy says:

    Wow, thank you. I “get” the IBS connection and the word-choosing exercise as I am in healthcare and studied psych, and yet,
    I agree it is nice to have well-presented, full-bodied, free software/apps.

  9. Thanks for your review. I am very impressed by Amen’s “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” book, but it sounds like My Brain Fit Life is not up to that standard.

  10. Maren says:

    I have life time membership with Lumosity, but I had to give up computers due to inability to sit long. I got a tablet and Lumosity told meI can only get ten games on Android. Then two years later, I donated $245.00 to MPT and as part of the “gift” one got DVDs,book.and a one year free membrship to Dr Amen’s web site. I just recently created an account and got an account number after taking the initial free brain test. I get 2 emails daily telling me how to stay focused. Today, I went to sign in, and a page popped up telling me to download their mobile app for Apple or Play Store(coming shortly). After seven attempts to sign in differentways. I called customer service. He said, Since you only have a tablet, you cannot use the hypnosis or music or audio webinars all promised to me before I donated my 245.00. He could not understand how I was able to access and take the free brain test with just a tablet. He insisted I needed a desktop computer. He said I had to go to google play store and download a beta app that only had about ten games on it. I think he is wrong. All my emails say I have a subscription and how “Dr. Amen’s team wants you to journel daily and other specific stuff. I was given a coupon for a free subscription to this website and now they refuse to honor it after one day. I have brain disease and multiple spine.hips leg pain,and felt the hypnosis and nice music they offer would help. But I cannot sign in anymore. I read some Apple downloads from people and they were notl pleased with the mobile app. I do not want the mobile app. I am basically home bound and retired for 15 years at 61. What a crock. Lumosity gets my vote too. It was nice seeing the big critique of Dr.Amen’s site. I wonder if he knows what is going on. He is so busy with his SPECt scans and his wife is a RN pushing their supplements. I have been mostly buying little apps from Barnesand Noble and other companies to keep my brain going. I jounel everyday when I take pills for pain and to urinate, etc, so I would not be able to keep up with Amen’s daily journeling anyway. I’ll just listen to some blues or 70’s music,which is just as good as Dr Amen’s site. Hang in there verybody,

    • davemackey says:

      Maren – Thanks so much for the extensive report on your experiences. I’m sorry to hear about your suffering. Have you looked at any of the other mental health apps currently available? One set of apps I find interesting are done by Excel at Life. You might find some of them helpful.

  11. Hi there,

    I found this on a Google search. I really like the points made by Amen in his 2013 TED talk, so I had searched for the brain fit program he had mentioned. I noticed some spelling/typing errors on his website and then after taking the free test saw that they wanted almost $9 per month. Thanks for sharing your very thorough review. I think I’ll check out Lumosity… Also, I’m glad to see you provided alternatives for people as far as the supplements go. Many of those are really good; I take holy basil and ashwaghanda in addition to other supplements and use either the NOW brand, which is reasonably priced, or Gaia Herbs, which is also relatively reasonable.

    In good health,


  12. Melodie says:

    I appreciate your honest and detailed review.

  13. Trish says:

    Thanks for the thorough, unbiased review and the helpful links. It’s just what I needed to make a decision.

  14. Be Cox says:

    I have used Luminosity before and it did help but I got to the point it would not let me go on this I became bored. I became frustrated with it. My daughter used it, she had ADHD and it really helped immensely!! I like you are like a sponge reading and learning something new everyday. I appreciate your comments. OBTW, Dr. Amen has a new edition of his book after 18 years. Hopefully, he read your review.

  15. Nadia Wakrim says:

    HI, do you still recommand luminosity? or is there any other braingames that you recommand? thx

    • davemackey says:

      I do still recommend Luminosity. I think the quality and diversity of the games has continued to increase. I do wish they’d do a bit more with integration with third party systems like FitBit as there is a lot more that could be learned by further data analysis. I haven’t tried much else in recent days though, so there may be some other great options out there.

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