I Want One…Crawlspace Dehumidifier.

Post Published on September 29, 2010.
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For the last several months I’ve been suffering from what seems to be allergy symptoms. Several trips to the doctor haven’t provided significant insight or relief. Tonight its 3:33 a.m. and I’m up because my nose won’t stop running, my throat is slightly soar, and I can’t sleep.

As a child I was tested for allergens and test positive for sensitivity to mold. I try to keep mold exposure to a minimum, but I’ve been wondering if perhaps there is some mold in my crawlspace that could be aggravating my immune system. I don’t think its visible – I’ve been down there a fair bit cleaning things out about two months ago – but it certainly feels like there is moisture hanging in the air and occasionally dampness visible on the concrete floor.

I did some Zakta’ing (not Googling!) and came across the Dri-CrawlSpace COMPACT, a commercial-grade dehumidifier specifically designed to remove moisture from crawlspaces. I want one! I’d love to see whether utilizing this unit could remove my allergies.

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