TV Series Review – Jericho – Season 1.

Post Published on September 30, 2008.
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I love the web-based revolution currently occurring to television. Why? Not only the freedom to watch what I want on my schedule but also the possibility that what I want to watch will be shown. It seems that my television viewing tastes are far enough outside of mainstream that a number of my favorite shows have been canceled – oftentimes after the first season. With the web providing a way for TV production companies to syndicate their shows without having to keep the high ratings TV requires its possible that niche television shows will expand (and I hope they do).

One of the shows I really loved (and that was canceled) was Jericho. 50,000 lbs. of nuts sent to CBS offices later they re-launched the show for a second season – only to cancel it again…But that was okay with me. The second season of Jericho should be considered non-canonical – the quality, storyline, etc. where morphed too much by an attempt to garner ratings. I never did watch the season finale for season 2.

That said, the first season is a worthwhile view. Jericho is the story of a small town in Kansas. When nuclear blasts occur throughout the United States in major metropolitan areas the government essentially falls apart and life as we know it ends. The show shows in a fascinating manner what the collapse of society might look like and how we would slowly start to put things back together.

In this context one enjoys the friendship, feuds, and adventures shared by the townspeople. They are forced to work together – fight together – and grow together. They bring their own demons to the table – dark pasts that haunt them, but also looking forward to the opportunities a new future brings them.

Jericho exists at two levels. In the first is the overarching story arc of a post-apocalypse world with all the mayhem and pain this includes. At the second level it is a homely tale similar to House on the Prairie that shares in the daily lives of people. The overarching story gives it momentum, the townsfolk focus gives it heart and depth.

So, take a look…and just pretend Season 1 is it. That the story ends with that dramatic cut-off (which I won’t reveal)…or write your own ending. Its a good drama series with a lot of interesting lessons about honor, courage, and sacrifice.

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  1. The fight to save Jericho is not over!

    The fans have already put ads in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, a billboard in Los Angeles, and have aired TV ads in the Los Angeles area. They’ve also brought attention to the inadequacy of the Nielsen rating system and have had various charitable activities.

    CBS Paramount is in talks with other parties to continue Jericho and they want to hear from the Jericho fans.

    Please write to: Ms. Nancy Tellem, President, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604-2190.

    For more information on how to help Save Jericho go to:

  2. Gwen – Thanks for the update. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to resurrect the show. I think that a non-traditional venue like Hulu might be the best way forward for the show – reducing some of the demands for viewership. Also, I hope they would continue scrapping Season 2…I really couldn’t stand it.

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