Learning and Brushing Up On Web Programming.

Post Published on May 23, 2012.
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December 2008 Browser Usage
December 2008 Browser Usage (Photo credit: Elliott P)

There are a bazillion options out there for learning web programming. One I recommend (and still use) is W3Schools. No, you won’t learn everything by using

W3Schools, but you can learn a lot and its more systematic than googling for articles piecemeal as you go along. I also find W3Schools a useful reference tool when I need to refresh my mind on some technique or language I haven’t used in a while.

They have tutorials available on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, PHP, ASP.NET Web Forms, XML, and a bunch of other technologies I didn’t mention. If you are brand new to web programming start with the HTML tutorials then move on to CSS followed by JavaScript. It is also likely that you’ll need to do database work at some point, so learn SQL and then you can choose what sort of language you want to program interactive applications in – two of the most popular are ASP.NET and PHP.

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  1. Hey Dave,

    W3Schools is a good place to start, but the expert developers actually say it’s quite outdated. I have decided to fork out $50 for a monthly subscription on TreeHouse, which has a video library for HTML, CSS, PHP, and programming languages – my abilities were improved by heaps using this one.

    Please note I am in no way form or shape affiliated with Treehouse (they are a well funded startup), I’m just a happy client and thought of recommending this if learning by text is not interesting enough to you.


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