Post Published on February 4, 2009.
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(This is a reprint of an old review I did of Liv-Natural, a natural health sports drink).

I must first admit as I review Liv Natural’s drinks that I am not an objective observer. Igor St. Phard, Sales Manager for Liv-Natural is a friend, worship at the church I attend, and is a sometimes basketball opponent. He generously gave my brother-in-law (Chris) some of the Liv-Natural drinks when Chris was on a liquids only diet after being randomly beaten in NYC. It was during this time that I received my first taste of these drinks. On the other hand, I don’t push products I don’t believe in – so I think you will still find this review helpful.

When I first heard about these “all-natural” drinks I had my doubts. My mom is a big fan of organic foods and I oftentimes rebelled against this because I didn’t enjoy the taste (e.g. bread made with honey instead of sugar). I’d had rice milk before and didn’t like it – so I thought that these all-natural rice drinks would probably be disgusting as well. But when Chris couldn’t finish all the drinks Igor gave him – I began trying them, and I was amazed. It actually tasted good.

It isn’t every day that we find things that are both healthy for us and tasteful. Sadly, we oftentimes must choose between a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the food we eat. But with Liv-Natural this is not true. The juice tastes amazingly like your run-of-the-mill sports drinks, except perhaps better. It uses agave nectar which is amazingly tasty and a good replacement for corn syrup.

Now, I admit, I’m no expert on the benefits or dangers of rice and agave nectar and whether these ingredients may have any dangers similar to the processed ingredients found in many of today’s sports drinks – but I do know  that I’d rather drink a sports drink without that fructose corn syrup and other processed ingredients any day.

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