Logos Release SBL Greek New Testament (for Free)!

Title page from Tischendorf's Novum Testamentum
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Wow, this is pretty exciting and gets a big kudos from me to Logos and the SBL. They’ve completed and released for free download a Greek New Testament which offers revisions based upon the latest research and over 500 differences from the Nestle-Aland/UBS text. Kudos to Logos, SBL, and Michael Holmes for this significant accomplishment! May it be used greatly for the glory of God!

In addition, Logos has released a total revamp of their website which includes some significant new features. The link above will take you to their top ten list – I’ll just highlight my favorites from that list: (a) faceted browsing, (b) improved searching, (c) recommended collections, and (d) new sorting options.

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