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Post Published on April 2, 2012.
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SMS messages sent monthly (June) in USA
SMS messages sent monthly (June) in USA in million, source: http://www.cellsigns.com/industry.shtml (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I prefer texting over phone calls, but emails, IMs, and most other forms of computer communication over either of these. But isn’t texting the same as computer-based textual communications? Nope, its way slower. It takes FOREVER to type out messages on one’s phone keyboard, no matter how good it is…and writing on a real keyboard – well, it is just so much faster.

This is where MightyText comes into the picture. You install the MightyText app on your smartphone and then can use the web-based interface to send and receive text messages. When a text message is sent to your phone, it appears on your computer – and when you want to send a reply you can send it from your computer.

Sure, there are a lot of somewhat similar solutions out there – like Google Voice’s texting abilities – but these don’t reply from the number on your cell phone. The way MightyText actually works is that it communicates with the app. on the smartphone – both when it sends and receives messages – so even though you are writing the message (or reading it) on your computer it is literally being sent through your phone.

MightyText is fully functional at the base feature level. There are a few items I’d like to see incorporated, including:

  • If you read a message via the web app it should be marked as read on the phone.
  • You should be able to “archive” old sms messages and search the archives easily.

Do you use MightyText? Something else? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “MightyText – SMS Done Right.”

  1. Hi there,
    There is one other thing I personally think would be great if it was possible to be incorporated. When texting from your phone, if you go above the 160 characters the phone will still send the text as one and the receiving phone will also receive the text as one. At the moment with mightytext texts above 160 characters are being sent separately.


  2. Ricky – very much agree.
    You may try Mobitexter, another app for sms.
    its quick, works on any browser, allows long msg in single shot (i send ~470 char sms, may support more).

    Happily using it.

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