Monitoring Your Credit (for Free).

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  1. Justine says:


    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for mentioning Credit Karma! We strive to provide totally free and invaluable, helpful resources to consumers. And its not just credit scores you can score for free here. I hope you got a chance to also check out our Credit Simulator, which tells you how actions may affect your credit score, our Credit Report Card, which helps you understand what areas you can improve on to help your credit score, and our Blog, which posts fresh daily content to inform and empower you about your personal finances.

    And hey, if you ever have any suggestions or issues or questions, please talk back with us! Tweet to us or post feedback on our Facebook, we’d really like to hear from you again.

    Well, enjoy blog-writing today and have a great weekend. And again, thanks for the mention and we hope Credit Karma stays on your mind.


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