Movie Review: Traitor (Don Cheadle, R)

Post Published on January 6, 2009.
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Charity and I recently watched Traitor and thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally, I might not have picked the title up – the preview while interesting wasn’t amazing – but Don Cheadle is a huge draw for me in any film, since his amazing work with Hotel Rwanda (on the Rwandan Genocide) and his advocacy repeatedly for an end to the genocide in Darfur (Sudan).

Traitor tells the story of a American counter-terrorism agent (played by Cheadle) who strongly follows Islam as his religious faith and becomes embroiled in activities which point to his swapping sides and assisting the terrorists. The film excels not because of its action sequences – in fact, those looking for mindless action films should look elsewhere – but because of its flawless maintenance of suspense (is Cheadle a terrorist or a U.S. agent?) and its deep philosophical considerations of the nature of the current war on terror.

Traitor is rated R mainly for language, though there is also violence throughout. While not as heart-string tugging as Hotel Rwanda it certainly deserves an important place on the DVD shelves as yet another title that provokes wisdom inducing and positive action fostering through its faithful and honest struggles with real issues.

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