My First Two Weeks (+/-) with the Zeo.

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  1. Sara James says:

    Dave, have you ever had a formal sleep study done by a physician? I can’t help wondering if you have some sort of sleep disorder. My pastor’s daughter was recently diagnosed with a rare one – as a result of years of trying to determine why she would sometimes pass out! She would be able to hear but not respond, and knew when such an episode was coming on. It turned out to be a sleep disorder even though this happened during the day.

  2. Hi Dave,

    It’s [email protected] here; I saw your comment on our ADHD and sleep post and popped on over here to say howdy. While I’m just an editor, I do have a hunch that what could be causing an increase in Deep and REM sleep despite a reduced Total Sleep Time is an underlying sleep debt.

    When our bodies are sleep deprived, they tend to do a few things to try and make up for it, one of which is increasing the amount of Deep and REM sleep. I suspect that if you were getting an extra hour of sleep every night, you’d see a decrease in total Deep and REM with an increase in Light. This is by no means a bad thing–even Light sleep has its benefits–but things do tend to “level off” once we balance our sleep needs.

    Anyway, glad that things are going well for you with Zeo! Feel free to reach out to me or anyone else if you have any sleep questions, or check out our Expert Answers database to see what they say about sleep (

    [email protected]

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