My Platform as a Service (PaaS) List.

Post Published on September 18, 2009.
Last Updated on November 29, 2017 by davemackey.

Some people are going to be up in arms over this list – because it isn’t truly a PaaS (platform as a service) list. I’m sure some noticeable entries are missing and some non-noticeable entries are present. The order is random. I’ve just been evaluating PaaS solutions and figured I’d post most of what I’ve found thus far. I had a hard time finding any good lists – so perhaps this will ease someone else’s research. I’d love to hear what PaaS solutions I am missing!

  • WaveMaker – Build rich internet applications (RIA) using a WYSIWYG interface. Community edition is open source. Creates Java applications. Wikipedia Article.
  • Visual Web GUI – Build RIA’s using visual development interface. There is a free/open source express edition with regular pricing beginning slightly under $350 for a license. Creates .NET applications. Can deploy to Windows Azure.
  • SalesForce – The Force platform is the defacto standard PaaS. Significant free offering included with up to 100 users, etc. Also, free licenses for non-profits with majority price discount on additional licenses.
  • nuBuilder – A open source project that allows for rapid development of web database applications. Wikipedia Article.
  • BungeeConnect – Uses an Eclipse-based IDE.
  • Web Fuser (Inuvia Technologies) – IDE and hosting. Hosting starts at $20/mo.
  • WinDev – Free lite IDE for rapid development of JAVA/.NET applications. Wikipedia Article.
  • Wolf Frameworks – Has a free starter plan (2 users, 100 MB storage, unlimited apps/entries). Wikipedia Article.
  • LongJump – Pricing starts at $30/user/mo.
  • WorkXpress – No pricing, thirty-day free trial. Does offer the ability to host with them, a third party, or your own. Claims to require no programming.
  • SpringBase – Fairly impressive free account for those looking to create a small database application. Appears they no longer offer a free trial. Pricing starts at $99/year.
  • TrackVia – Pricing is expensive ($249/mo., starts at $99/mo.). Online database platform
  • DBstract – Offers free accounts and low-cost premium accounts ($20/mo.) for creating database applications/hosting.
  • Caspio – Starts at $40/mo. Claims to require no programming. Wikipedia Article.
  • Zoho – Free account for up to two users, $5/ea./mo. additional users.
  • Hyrdo4GE – Still in closed beta.
  • HyperBase – Part of HyperOffice. (thanks: Jean Churchill).
  • MyTaskHelper – UI is pretty basic, but it is free.

7 thoughts on “My Platform as a Service (PaaS) List.”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for including TrackVia! You mention that we’re expensive, and given that it’s a subjective term, I won’t argue. But I will say that we offer a premium, highly secure service that includes free phone support and hands-on help with building, maintaining, and tweaking applications. We spend lots of money on infrastructure, datacenter hosting, and professional services for intrusion detection, firewall monitoring, etc. These are the factors that are important to our customers, much more so than trying to get the cheapest price.

    Thanks again,

  2. Great post. Thank you for putting it together. This is a great list.

    If I’m not mistaken, Caspio is the only one that requires no programming and does not charge based on number of users. If you’re building an application designed for many users (i.e. public registering to become a member and gain access to your application), then Caspio is the best solution. Also, the app that you build can be integrated to existing website hosted anywhere.

    Do any of these PAAS work the same way?

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