MyEdu: Relieving the Stresses as Class Selection & Registration.

Post Published on May 10, 2013.
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College Students, next time you are registering for classes check out This is an absolutely amazing site,

MyEdu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

especially if you are a SUNY Cobleskill student who finds the course registration process a pain in the butt.

The first step is to build your profile with you major, how much you have completed, and what courses you are already completed. Then click on the start building your schedule button to start browsing for classes. It allows you to add to your worksheet all the classes you are interested in and then you can start more officially adding them to a schedule. If classes overlap, it shows you that on your color coded schedule.

Thanks to and mazeo for the image.
Thanks to and mazeo for the image.

It also shows you the average GPA as well as Grade distribution of the teachers teaching each class, so you can choose which professor best suits you. When you are done, just write down the CRN numbers which it provides and take those over to either the registrar, or to your schools registration website.

Other features on the site, include resources for finding jobs and internships, as well as the option to share your schedule on facebook with your other college friends, to ask questions about the college you are attending, or other colleges you are interested in.

Overall, I would say this program saved me at least an hour in the class hunting process for my major, which with the SUNY Cobleskill site is a pain in the butt.

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