News Summary for April 9, 2013.

  • Milo Medin. Google Fiber’s Next Stop: Austin, Texas. Google Official Blog.
    • Why It Matters: Google is bringing gigabit internet, first to Kansas City, now to Austin. This may push other providers (AT&T, Verizon, and co.) to step up there game.
  • Chelsea Stark. EA Voted ‘Worst Company in America’ – Again. Mashable.
    • Why I Care: EA also has taken a lot of flack for overworking its developers – this is a huge issue within the IT industry specifically, but also more generally in the United States where workaholism is expected and applauded in many situations. Personally, I believe that most organizations have three constituencies: the customer, the employee, and the shareholder (or, for non-profit educational institutions – the alumni). Focus in on the employee and you’ll probably see a marked uptick in the other two arenas.
  • Todd Wasserman. Should Free Lunches at Tech Companies Be Taxable? Mashable.
    • The IRS is considering whether folks working at companies that provide free lunches should be charged taxes for the value of the food.
  • Meghan Kelly. Bad Vudu: Thieves Steal Personal Information After Break-In of Walmart’s Video Service. VentureBeat.
    • Just in case we forgot that physically breaking into a location is still a threat, hackers don’t have a corner on the market. Interested to see if they’ll catch these guys – a kind of crazy move, imho.
  • Dan Goodin. Using a Linksys Wi-Fi Router? It Could Be Ripe for Remote Takeover. Ars Technica.
    • If you are a geek, this is worth knowing about – if not, you probably have much bigger security issues – e.g., your router probably has a password like “password” or “admin” on it and you may not know how to access it…Hmmm, we need to improve our computer literacy curriculums, I think.
  • Alan Henry. Most Popular Document Scanner for Going Paperless: Doxie Go. Lifehacker.
    • Personally, I’m a fan of Dell Multifunction Printers, they can scan, copy, fax, and print. Once you’ve digitized your documents, a Doxie isn’t going to be of much ongoing use (assuming you aren’t always getting paper bills).
  • Eric Ravenscraft. Ibotta Scans Your Receipts, Gets You Cash Back on Your Groceries. Lifehacker.
  • John Paul Titlow. Why I Need Aereo TV — And You Do, Too [Review]. ReadWritePlay.
    • If you aren’t familiar with Aereo, it might be time to familiarize yourself. Personally, I’m not interested in the service – I’d rather see Amazon VOD, Netflix, and Hulu continue expanding their on-demand portfolios. That said, I am interested in Aereo’s success as it may push traditional broadcasters to more quickly and fully embrace solutions like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu – which (I think) monetize much more easily than Aereo – with its DVR that is ready to cut out commercials.
  • Whitson Gordon. The Difference Between LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLED TVs, Explained as Fast as Possible. Lifehacker.
  • Michael Rothman. Find Exactly What You Want to Watch with Moreflicks. Mashable.
  • Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai. AOptix Launches First Biometric Scanning Tool for iPhone. Mashable.
    • Turns an iPhone into a “portable iris, face, fingerprint and voice scanner.” Too expensive right now, but continue to expect individual tools and technologies to be consumed by the smartphone.
  • David Bragingsky, S. Alex Smith, Stephanie Hornung, Jackie Bavaro. Asana Search Views. Asana Blog.
    • What is this doing here? Well, I care about Asana, and I never said this would be an objective news summary…it is definitely filtered through my eyes.
  • John Paul Titlow. 15 Programming Skills Most Coveted By Employers. ReadWriteEnterprise.

Okay, so there are some others, but I’m getting tired. That is it for today. 🙂

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