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Post Published on July 17, 2008.
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[Update: We let our Newsweek subscription expire…it went downhill and downhill fast. I’m not even sure if they still publish it…]

I’m big on utilizing the internet for a lot of my research. Books are quickly outdated – even magazines, especially on technology topics, are often outdated before they hit the shelves. But, despite predictions otherwise, paper has not died. One still cannot beat the feel of paper between the fingers. A computer screen is great, but for long reading hauls and ensuring top quality content, sometimes paper is still the best way to go. Yes, Amazon’s Kindle1Yes, I want one. is changing all that, but I don’t have one of those yet and paper will be with us for a while yet…

This year Charity made a membership drive donation to National Public Radio (NPR)2Despite earlier life influences suggesting NPR was liberal media, I find it generally fair-handed. In any case, much better than the constant ranting and fear-mongering I hear on many AM talk shows or the absolute nonsense of some FM talk shows.. In the process we received a free year’s subscription to Newsweek – 53 issues (an issue a week). Newsweek doesn’t attempt to cover all the news, rather it covers major stories – oftentimes in-depth, and sometimes off-beat but important stories. I find it a great way to stay up on current politics and opinions…and okay, I admit, I really love their political cartoons and quotes section!

If you enjoy National Public Radio, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy Newsweek. They have a very similar feel – but unlike NPR where you are sometimes forced to listen to exceedingly boring stories, you can just skip a few pages with Newsweek.

Well, that’s about all I have to say about that. But if you are looking for something good to read and enjoy magazine subscriptions – consider Newsweek. If you catch NPR on a membership drive you may be able to get Newsweek for free with your NPR membership of $50 or more (a years subscription to Newsweek is $403Magazines make most of their revenue off advertising anyways, subscriptions are a minor portion of revenue. Additionally, Newsweek hopes you will fall in love with their magazine and renew after your NPR sponsored year expires.).

On a personal note – Charity is the main driver behind magazines in our house. Most of them are girly – Real Simple, Woman’s Day, etc., etc. (ad infinitum). Charity is a voracious reader. I read aloud almost constantly which significantly slows my reading but increases my retention capabilities and helps the fluidity of my public speech4Which I do frequently.. Charity can read 200 page books in 2-4 hours, its crazy. A similar book will take me days or weeks! She can never keep enough books in the house, so she gets magazines to supplement her regular library visits.

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