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Post Published on August 6, 2012.
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Finding a good Primary Care Physician (PCP) can make a huge difference in one’s ongoing health. Many practices, for whatever reason, seem to be little more than pill dispensaries. You visit when you have aches and pains and need a prescription…but you shouldn’t really expect a lot of help with really maintaining good health.

A patient having his blood pressure taken
A patient having his blood pressure taken by a physician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally found a PCP I love and I refer people to all the time – Newtown Medical Group. If you live in the Langhorne, Middletown, Newtown, Penndel, Hulmeville, Levittown area and are looking for a high quality primary care practice – Newtown fits the bill. If you are currently surviving with mediocre PCP care – there are better opportunities available..not every practice offers the sort of sub-standard care you are experiencing: give NMG a try.

When I switched to Newtown Medical Group I did so b/c I was looking to improve my overall health – not because I was struggling with any major health issues. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I switched around the same time my health took a jump off a high cliff – and it has been in free-fall ever since.

In the summer/fall of 2011 I was exposed to rabies, received a vaccination and at the same time was exposed to the flood waters of Hurricane Irene (which flooded our entire crawl space under the house, lapping at the doors). Soon thereafter I experienced what I thought was poison ivy on my left leg until four weeks later when not only had it not cleared up but it jumped to my hands and swelled them up like small balloons. My first annual physical at Newtown turned into, “quick, find out what is wrong with me” as life became quite miserable.

Newtown Medical Group did fairly extensive blood work, a biopsy, and sent me out for various consultations, eventually eliminating the rashes on my hands and legs. I continued to suffer leg pain while exercising which was mysterious and which would eventually (this spring) become constant and require me to take a medical leave from my employment at Cairn University. Once again, I’ve been put through batteries of tests, referred out to specialists, and had a bazillion appointments – and while I’m not better, I have full confidence in the team at Newtown Medical Group and at each step of the way have been pleased with their professionalism.

Lets talk a little more about what exactly impresses me about Newtown Medical Group’s practice:

  1. Friendly – Call in to the receptionist to setup an appointment or ask a question and the nurses are friendly and patient…much different than my experience at other PCP’s where they are oftentimes rushed, impatient, and indifferent with lots of blaring background noise.
  2. Timely – Don’t expect to spend large portions of your day sitting in the waiting room – Newtown is a timely organization. They can usually fit you in quickly for emergencies yet at the same time manage to keep the waiting room relatively low key – quickly moving patients into rooms with doctors arriving soon after nurses complete the preliminaries.
  3. Technological – Okay, there are some areas (::cough:: the website ::cough::) that could use some work – but overall, I’m very happy with Newtown’s commitment to technology adaptation in its practice. Each room is equipped with a computer which they use to record vital statistics and which contains comprehensive medical records of their treatments and interactions with each patient.
  4. Intelligent – I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Matthew Kulka twice, I’ve seen more of Dr. Suzanne Kettler Kelly than she’d probably prefer, and briefly met Dr. Jane Tantum when Dr. Kulka, Dr. Kelly, and Dr. Tantum all came in to consult on my condition during one visit last fall. I have been impressed with all of their professionalism and intelligence as I have had opportunity to interact with them.
  5. Patience – Don’t expect much chit chat during your appointment – at least that is my experience – but that doesn’t mean the doctor won’t spend as much time as necessary with you. While very business-oriented (talking about symptoms, etc.), the doctors also take the time to hear you out and think through what is going on – something I really appreciate. I’ve been in far too many offices where I’ve been pushed out without a full consideration…which only results in more return trips.
  6. One Stop Shop – Newtown does blood tests on site, making life a lot easier. They also have a cardiologist come in on a regular basis and are near St. Mary’s Medical Center – so if tests need to be referred out, they are usually nearby.
  7. Referral Network – The doctors refer you to specific providers they prefer working with and give you copies of the office’s business cards…this makes it really easy to find quality practitioners when you need to see a neurologist, rheumatologist, urologist, etc.

Seriously, they are that good. I really do refer people to them all the time…and I haven’t had anyone come back to me and say, “Dave, I’ve tried Newtown Medical Group and they disappointed me.” I’ve only had folks say, “Dave, I’m going to Newtown Medical Group and here is how they’ve been helping me with x condition I thought I was just going to live with forever.”

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