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Post Published on August 21, 2008.
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A number of years ago I began registering domains with Wow, it was wonderful. A slick interface, low prices ($8.95/yr.), and no hassle. Then was acquired by Interland – a massive internet company – and everything went downhill. Word of advice: don’t use

Web.come received an interface upgrade (err…downgrade) when it was acquired, and the interface has stumbled along ever since. Besides being painfully slow basic features are simply missing and the help consists of PDF files thrown together in a haphazard manner. became the new public face for Interland – a hosting company – and apparently they forgot about their domain customers…unless you consider nearly trebling the price in one jump remembering. Yes, that’s right, I pay nearly $25/yr. now for a domain – crazy rates that only the most archaic domain registrars still charge (e.g. Network Solutions).

Why this rant right now? Well, at the moment I am finally attempting to get my domains out of this mire…to move them over to Bluehost. But can I find anywhere the option to generate an EPP key? No. Can I find any help to generate an EPP key? No.

Interland/ – its time for a facelift. Hire one or two of those nifty web 2.0 designers and give them two or three weeks. Otherwise you might as well enter TechCrunch‘s Deadpool.

UPDATE 8/22/08 – So, I submitted  a ticket requesting the EPP key for three domains I currently have registered with The next morning I called to check in on the status. Unfortunately, their tech. representatives don’t have permission to process these EPP keys, so you have to rely upon email only support from higher level techs. I received EPP keys for two of the three domains – the third I never received. I just called back again and they are again escalating the request. Meanwhile, the two domains I have given the EPP code to Bluehost for are marked as in transfer progress. is telling me they have released the domains, but Bluehost’s CP says that the registrar still must release the domains…and notes that generally one receives a confirmation email from the losing registrar confirming this transfer should take place (that hasn’t occurred, but apparently this whole process can take seven business days – industry standard – [we’ll talk about that craziness another time, but right now we are just talking about]). For those who think I’m just a whiner visit this link just sent me to access my account in their most recent emails. Ohh, you get a big, fat, ugly <404 Not Found page? So do I.

UPDATE 8/24/08: My domains have transferred to Bluehost. I believe I am now completely done with

I’m going to go read Jeff Stibel’s blog over at Harvard Business Online (no longer exists)…See if maybe I can discuss this fiasco with him (Jeff is president of

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  1. Hi Dave. Noticed your post. Just a thought – if you’re interested you could also check out Microsoft Office Live Small Business. We offer free Web hosting and a free domain name for the first year, then it’s $14.95 per year after that (which includes private registration). It’s really aimed at small businesses and there are lots of free tools that come with the basic signup. If you have any questions about redelegating your domain through us I’d be happy to help just ping [email protected]. Thanks!

  2. Agreed Dave, I’m experiencing similar issues right now. It’s taking a ridiculous amount of time to get an EPP transfer code. I really just want to move my domain so that I can manage my own DNS (and get faster support when needed).

  3. I had a domain through discountdomainregistry, great prices and control panel – yep also taken over and now under label. Domain price was ok last time I renewed, but if you want privacy protection its a complete rip off at nearly $24 ( charges nothing). However I have also discovered the absence of control panel. It is still painfully slow and I’m sure they must have designed the support ticket system to be as difficult as possible, lots of mandatory fields to be completed none of which are applicable to my “problem”. I’ve just applied for my EPP key – I hope I have better luck than you!!!

  4. Apart from being MADE to incur cost on an unnecessary international call to the US (“to prevent id theft”) transfer looks like it will be quick and painless. The provided EPP code was accepted by Tucows who will “hand-over” the domain to the new registrar shortly.

    Response to my initial support ticket and telephone call were rapid, and EPP code received with 2 hours of my call (friendly helpful support). However, telephone verification was unnecessary as I found it could have been done by email associated with domain.

    So better than I expected. But it does not alter the fact Web.Com’s online admin and support ticket facilities are the slowest, most unfriendly and limited I have ever used.

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