Occupy Wall Street: A Visual Introduction.

Post Published on November 16, 2011.
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Recently I posted a bit of a primer on Occupy Wall Street consisting of quotes, links, and summations. I’m a reader – so I prefer textual materials. I can’t stand watching non-fiction video (e.g. news, documentaries), feeling I can more rapidly consume text…but I know many are more visual-oriented learners than I am…so here I am including a few videos I used at a recent Calvary Community College & Career gathering to discuss Occupy Wall Street. I think they provide a fairly good overview of the topic.

This is a very powerful video (00:01:31) attempting to explain what OWS is about using visual representations of disparities and injustices from an OWS perspective.

This is a short advertisement (0:00:33) created by some proponents for OWS. It provides brief blips from a few different individuals on what OWS means for them. It is professionally done.

This slightly longer video (00:04:25) features Elizabeth Warren prominently and is another view on the causes of the recent economic recession and explains the complaints of OWS proponents.

This video (00:02:21) provides a first-hand video account of riot police pushing Occupy Oakland demonstrators out. There is some brief strong profanity in this video along with some blood due to someone being hit by a rubber bullet in the face. Remember that the police have a difficult job to do. I do not want to defend their every action, but I also think it is important to recognize that they are sometimes being attacked violently as well, and are called to maintain a balance between swift and effective peace-keeping with reasonable methods.

The final video here (00:02:21) is from Eric W. Dolan on The Raw Story. He provides a brief clip of Pat Robertson, a conservative Christian personage, in which Robertson criticizes the OWS movement. Dolan couches this clip in criticism of Robertson and his position.

I hope these videos provide a brief yet effective guide to OWS and some of the issues surrounding it. If you have other videos you found particularly informative or powerful – I’d love to see them. Also, I am having a hard time finding good videos (of limited length) from an opposition perspective on OWS. Assistance in finding such videos would be appreciated…I do not mean to under-represent the opposition, but the results I find via searches, etc. whether in text or video are generally pro-OWS.

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